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7oz. FR Uniform Pants | Advanced Comfort 88/12

#P-XXXAC advanced comfort - Uniform Pants    

LAPCO FR™ flame-resistant advanced comfort uniform pants are professional, compliant, and comfortable. These pants pair perfectly with our fr advanced comfort uniform shirts. Available in gray, khaki, and navy, to match your corporate and industrial uniform needs. Double-needle stitching on pockets, out seams, waist, and inseams. Sewn with Nomex® thread. Brass zipper with Nomex® tape. FABRIC: 7oz., Advanced Comfort 88% Pima Cotton/12% Nylon Blend Twill with UltraSoft Finish SAFETY: ATPV 8.3 cal/cm² HRC/CAT 2 NFPA 70 E UL Classified ASTM F1506 UL Classified NFPA 2112

Normal Production Time:
2 Working Days

Additional Information:
Call for bulk pricing or customization (embroidery, screen print, patches, reflective striping)

Product Sizes

GRAY 28X30, GRAY 28X32, GRAY 28X34, GRAY 28X36, GRAY 28X38, GRAY 29X32, GRAY 29X33, GRAY 30X28, GRAY 30X30, GRAY 30X31, GRAY 30X32, GRAY 30X34, GRAY 30X36, GRAY 30X38, GRAY 31X30, GRAY 31X32, GRAY 32X29, GRAY 32X30, GRAY 32X31, GRAY 32X32, GRAY 32X33, GRAY 32X34, GRAY 32X35, GRAY 32X36, GRAY 32X38, GRAY 33X28, GRAY 33X29, GRAY 33X30, GRAY 33X31, GRAY 33X32, GRAY 33X33, GRAY 33X34, GRAY 33X36, GRAY 33X38, GRAY 34X27, GRAY 34X28, GRAY 34X29, GRAY 34X30, GRAY 34X31, GRAY 34X32, GRAY 34X33, GRAY 34X34, GRAY 34X35, GRAY 34X36, GRAY 34X37, GRAY 34X38, GRAY 35X28, GRAY 35X30, GRAY 35X32, GRAY 35X34, GRAY 35X36, GRAY 36X28, GRAY 36X29, GRAY 36X30, GRAY 36X31, GRAY 36X32, GRAY 36X34, GRAY 36X35, GRAY 36X36, GRAY 36X37, GRAY 36X38, GRAY 37X36, GRAY 38X28, GRAY 38X29, GRAY 38X30, GRAY 38X31, GRAY 38X32, GRAY 38X33, GRAY 38X34, GRAY 38X36, GRAY 38X38, GRAY 40X29, GRAY 40X30, GRAY 40X31, GRAY 40X32, GRAY 40X33, GRAY 40X34, GRAY 40X35, GRAY 40X36, GRAY 40X38, GRAY 42X30, GRAY 42X31, GRAY 42X32, GRAY 42X34, GRAY 42X35, GRAY 42X36, GRAY 42X37, GRAY 42X38, GRAY 44X29, GRAY 44X30, GRAY 44X31, GRAY 44X32, GRAY 44X34, GRAY 44X36, GRAY 44X37, GRAY 44X38, GRAY 46X30, GRAY 46X31, GRAY 46X32, GRAY 46X34, GRAY 46X36, GRAY 46X37, GRAY 46X38, GRAY 48X30, GRAY 48X32, GRAY 48X34, GRAY 48X36, GRAY 48X38, GRAY 50X28, GRAY 50X29, GRAY 50X30, GRAY 50X32, GRAY 50X34, GRAY 50X36, GRAY 50X38, GRAY 52X30, GRAY 52X32, GRAY 52X34, GRAY 52X36, GRAY 52X38, GRAY 52X39, GRAY 54X30, GRAY 54X32, GRAY 54X34, GRAY 54X35, GRAY 54X36, GRAY 54X38, GRAY 56X30, GRAY 56X32, GRAY 56X38, KHAKI 28X30, KHAKI 28X32, KHAKI 28X34, KHAKI 28X36, KHAKI 29X29, KHAKI 29X30, KHAKI 29X32, KHAKI 29X34, KHAKI 29X36, KHAKI 30X30, KHAKI 30X31, KHAKI 30X32, KHAKI 30X33, KHAKI 30X34, KHAKI 30X36, KHAKI 30X38, KHAKI 31X28, KHAKI 31X30, KHAKI 31X31, KHAKI 31X32, KHAKI 31X34, KHAKI 31X36, KHAKI 32X27, KHAKI 32X28, KHAKI 32X30, KHAKI 32X31, KHAKI 32X32, KHAKI 32X33, KHAKI 32X34, KHAKI 32X36, KHAKI 32X37, KHAKI 32X38, KHAKI 33X28, KHAKI 33X30, KHAKI 33X31, KHAKI 33X32, KHAKI 33X33, KHAKI 33X34, KHAKI 33X36, KHAKI 33X38, KHAKI 34X26, KHAKI 34X28, KHAKI 34X29, KHAKI 34X30, KHAKI 34X31, KHAKI 34X32, KHAKI 34X33, KHAKI 34X34, KHAKI 34X35, KHAKI 34X36, KHAKI 34X38, KHAKI 35X28, KHAKI 35X30, KHAKI 35X32, KHAKI 35X34, KHAKI 35X36, KHAKI 36X26, KHAKI 36X28, KHAKI 36X29, KHAKI 36X30, KHAKI 36X31, KHAKI 36X32, KHAKI 36X33, KHAKI 36X34, KHAKI 36X35, KHAKI 36X36, KHAKI 36X38, KHAKI 38X28, KHAKI 38X29, KHAKI 38X30, KHAKI 38X31, KHAKI 38X32, KHAKI 38X33, KHAKI 38X34, KHAKI 38X35, KHAKI 38X36, KHAKI 38X38, KHAKI 40X30, KHAKI 40X31, KHAKI 40X32, KHAKI 40X34, KHAKI 40X35, KHAKI 40X36, KHAKI 40X38, KHAKI 40X40, KHAKI 42X29, KHAKI 42X30, KHAKI 42X32, KHAKI 42X34, KHAKI 42X36, KHAKI 42X38, KHAKI 44X28, KHAKI 44X30, KHAKI 44X32, KHAKI 44X34, KHAKI 44X35, KHAKI 44X36, KHAKI 44X38, KHAKI 46X30, KHAKI 46X32, KHAKI 46X34, KHAKI 46X36, KHAKI 46X37, KHAKI 48X28, KHAKI 48X30, KHAKI 48X31, KHAKI 48X32, KHAKI 48X34, KHAKI 48X36, KHAKI 50X29, KHAKI 50X30, KHAKI 50X32, KHAKI 50X34, KHAKI 50X36, KHAKI 52X30, KHAKI 52X32, KHAKI 52X34, KHAKI 52X36, KHAKI 54X30, KHAKI 54X36, KHAKI 56X30, KHAKI 58X29, KHAKI 58X32, NAVY 28X28, NAVY 28X30, NAVY 28X32, NAVY 28X34, NAVY 28X36, NAVY 28X38, NAVY 29X28, NAVY 29X29, NAVY 29X30, NAVY 29X32, NAVY 29X34, NAVY 29X36, NAVY 30X28, NAVY 30X29, NAVY 30X30, NAVY 30X31, NAVY 30X32, NAVY 30X34, NAVY 30X36, NAVY 30X38, NAVY 31X30, NAVY 31X31, NAVY 31X32, NAVY 31X33, NAVY 31X34, NAVY 31X36, NAVY 32X28, NAVY 32X29, NAVY 32X30, NAVY 32X31, NAVY 32X32, NAVY 32X33, NAVY 32X34, NAVY 32X36, NAVY 32X38, NAVY 33X29, NAVY 33X30, NAVY 33X31, NAVY 33X32, NAVY 33X33, NAVY 33X34, NAVY 33X36, NAVY 33X38, NAVY 34X28, NAVY 34X29, NAVY 34X30, NAVY 34X31, NAVY 34X32, NAVY 34X33, NAVY 34X34, NAVY 34X35, NAVY 34X36, NAVY 34X38, NAVY 35X29, NAVY 35X30, NAVY 35X31, NAVY 35X32, NAVY 35X34, NAVY 35X36, NAVY 36X26, NAVY 36X28, NAVY 36X29, NAVY 36X30, NAVY 36X31, NAVY 36X32, NAVY 36X33, NAVY 36X34, NAVY 36X36, NAVY 36X38, NAVY 37X31, NAVY 37X32, NAVY 37X33, NAVY 37X36, NAVY 38X28, NAVY 38X29, NAVY 38X30, NAVY 38X31, NAVY 38X32, NAVY 38X33, NAVY 38X34, NAVY 38X35, NAVY 38X36, NAVY 38X37, NAVY 38X38, NAVY 39X28, NAVY 39X32, NAVY 40X28, NAVY 40X29, NAVY 40X30, NAVY 40X31, NAVY 40X32, NAVY 40X33, NAVY 40X34, NAVY 40X35, NAVY 40X36, NAVY 40X38, NAVY 40X40, NAVY 42X29, NAVY 42X30, NAVY 42X31, NAVY 42X32, NAVY 42X33, NAVY 42X34, NAVY 42X35, NAVY 42X36, NAVY 42X37, NAVY 42X38, NAVY 43X32, NAVY 44X24, NAVY 44X27, NAVY 44X29, NAVY 44X30, NAVY 44X31, NAVY 44X32, NAVY 44X33, NAVY 44X34, NAVY 44X36, NAVY 44X37, NAVY 44X38, NAVY 45X26, NAVY 46X29, NAVY 46X30, NAVY 46X31, NAVY 46X32, NAVY 46X34, NAVY 46X36, NAVY 46X38, NAVY 48X28, NAVY 48X30, NAVY 48X31, NAVY 48X32, NAVY 48X34, NAVY 48X36, NAVY 48X38, NAVY 50X30, NAVY 50X32, NAVY 50X33, NAVY 50X34, NAVY 50X36, NAVY 50X38, NAVY 52X30, NAVY 52X32, NAVY 52X34, NAVY 52X36, NAVY 52X38, NAVY 54X28, NAVY 54X30, NAVY 54X32, NAVY 54X34, NAVY 54X36, NAVY 54X38, NAVY 60X30

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