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DSAN009  Cosmetic Bag /Mini Suitcase Makeup Bag
4.71 - 6.46 / Min. Qty: 200
This product is made of polyester and cotton,Soft and structured cosmetic bag with contemporary pattern lining, There is plenty of room for your makeup, just like a mini suitcase .beautiful and easy to carry.

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DSAN025  Silicone Brush Eggs For Beauty Brushes / cosmetic Tools /Silicone Make Up Brush
1.09 - 1.30 / Min. Qty: 1000
Beauty brushes can be easily cleaned now. Designed for washing cosmetic tools for lady. Many colors available and made of silicone with a nice touch feeling. A good production for ladies who love makeup !

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DSHH093  Cosmetic Bag
1.70 - 2.52 / Min. Qty: 1000
Cosmetic bag is made of PU material with zipper closure. Price over 10,000 pieces is shipping by sea. 9" L x 4" W

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DSJY068  Cosmetic Mirror
1.08 - 1.50 / Min. Qty: 500
It's made from stainless steel. Put it in a small bag or wallet easily. And don't worry about breaking when fall to ground. There is a round handle in the lower right corner,easy to carry and easy to use.

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DSPA012  Mini Foldable Makeup Mirror LED Light
3.88 - 4.33 / Min. Qty: 500
Ultra thin portable mirror fits any pockets or handbags. With 8 LED lights, you can fix your makeup in pub, cars, parties or any other dark environment. It features as two sides and foldable with magnetic opening. ...

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DSRX016  Cosmetic Square Stainless Makeup Mirror
1.47 - 1.94 / Min. Qty: 300
The mirror is made of all stainless steel material. Inside the compact are 2 mirrors, one of them is magnification mirror. It's perfect gift for those cosmetic wholedealer or retail store.Ideal for the business ...

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DSRX017  Cosmetic Round Makeup Mirror Key chain
1.25 - 1.95 / Min. Qty: 200
Pocket mirror of two sides. Perfect size for a purse, backpack, or pocket. Let your next marketing campaign shine with this compact mirror. Consider this handy mirror for use when promoting at trade shows and conventions. ...

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DSVK082  Zippered Clear Cosmetic Bag
1.88 - 2.52 / Min. Qty: 500
This bag featured with zipper closure, made of PVC materials. Rectangle shaped.

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98 Products - Pg: 7 of 7 
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