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K85  Multi-Use Measuring Spoon
Multi-Use Measuring Spoon   Housewares Measuring Spoons kitchen utensils
0.67 - 0.94 / Min. Qty: 350
A popular, kitchen accessory for measuring 1/4, 1/2, and one teaspoon plus one tablespoon; Rugged, dishwasher-safe, ABS plastic provides a polished, bright finish and guarantees a long-lasting product; ; Modern ...

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BBQ  Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce (16oz)
4.17 - 5.83 / Min. Qty: 48
Fire up your grill with this mildly sweet barbecue sauce with a great hickory smoke flavor. Molasses, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce and a little hot sauce adds the flavor. Flavor profile: Southern. Large imprint ...

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HSRT  Firecracker Tube w/ 5oz hot sauce
3.83 - 5.00 / Min. Qty: 48
For an extra HOT presentation with explosive results, add this firecracker or dynamite tube with or without fuse top to a 5oz hot sauce or grilling sauce. Large imprint area plus wrap around for additional message, ...

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K217  Therma-Grip Large Oven Mitts
Therma-Grip Large Oven Mitts   Housewares Oven Mitts bbq_tailgating kitchen seasonal
3.60 - 4.25 / Min. Qty: 150
Large flame resistant size that can find a home in any kitchen; All cotton interior with a fire resistant silver exterior; Smooth copy side with solid color, quilted gripping surface; Great For Grilling

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K343  Bamboo Spoon
Bamboo Spoon   Housewares Bambookitchen utensils Kitchen events eco spoons
1.68 - 2.44 / Min. Qty: 250
Bamboo is used in kitchens around the world; amateurs and professionals alike will approve of this great design; Naturally heat and bacteria resistant and it comes from a renewable resource; Convenient hanging ...

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LOW  EZ-SLITTER Letter Opener with Business Card Window
0.99 - 1.15 / Min. Qty: 250
Rectangular letter opener is a must have for any desk, whether at home or the office. Simply insert business card in for instant personalization. Large imprint area on back. Colors: White, Blue, Red, Green , Orange, ...

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MI1029  Scrubby Scrub Brush
1.92 - 2.17 / Min. Qty: 100
The Scrubby Scrub Brush cleans vegetables, pot, pans, etc. Optional strap to attach to golf bag for use as a golf club cleaner. Can even be used as a lint brush. FDA Compliant!

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BBQ01EB  Three Piece BBQ Set in Wooden Pine Box with an engraved top
76.50 - 89.01 / Min. Qty: 1
Three Piece BBQ Set in Wooden Pine Box with an engraved top. *Stainless steel spatula, tongs, and fork with solid oak handles *Box is made of solid pine *Top slides off to open *Top and bottom are pressed wood ...

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705-6652  Dog Bone Shaped Cookie Cutter
1.40 - 2.20 / Min. Qty: 50
Plastic bone shaped cookie cutter price includes a pad printed, 1-color on one location imprint. Product Color: White. Imprint Area: 3.25" x .4375" Overruns/Underruns: +/- 5% is normal and will be billed ...

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APRN-965-000  White Waist Apron with Divided Pocket
4.92 - 5.42 / Min. Qty: 12

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K111  Non-Stick Pizza Cutter
Non-Stick Pizza Cutter   Housewares Pizza Cutters utensils, pizza
0.96 - 1.38 / Min. Qty: 300
Features easy-to-slice, non-stick roller; dishwasher-safe construction; Four-inch-long handle with thumb rest provides a non-slip grip and safe, comfortable slicing; Slices thick or thin pizza crusts quickly and ...

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K231  Therma-Grip Silicone Oven Mitts
Therma-Grip Silicone Oven Mitts   Housewares Oven Mitts utensils kitchen silicone
4.55 - 6.24 / Min. Qty: 150
Handle the hottest kitchen action with silicone; All silicone construction with hanging hole for easy access; Molded pattern for secure grip surface. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning; Bring On The Heat

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APRN-970-000  White Half Bistro Apron with Divided Pocket
6.08 - 6.42 / Min. Qty: 12
27" x 19" white half bistro apron with divided front pocket.

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K106  Essential Use Mini Spatula
Essential Use Mini Spatula   Housewares Spatulas mailer
0.58 - 0.94 / Min. Qty: 300
Spread dips and slice through butter with ease;; Compact size adds to the functionality and ease of use; Dishwasher safe; Perfection Has Arrived

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K113  Top-This Ice Cream Scoop
Top-This Ice Cream Scoop   Housewares Ice Cream Scoops kids events seasonal utensils holiday outdoors
0.74 - 1.06 / Min. Qty: 300
Deep-dip design with a safe, non-slip, textured handle; Molded in tough, dishwasher-safe, polypropylene material; Extra-large copy area; Everybody Loves Ice Cream

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500 Products - Pg: 3 of 34  See All
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