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BX-020201  Ring Display Box, 2" x 2" x 1"
25.55 - 28.10 / Min. Qty: 25
The perfect box for small collectables. Display your ring, earrings, cuff links or other small treasures through a clear acrylic window. Can also be ordered without window if preferred. The box snaps closed with ...

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BX-030202  Display Box, 3.25 x 2.43 x 2
17.95 - 20.80 / Min. Qty: 12
Have a special ring you would like to display? Graduation, championship, or perhaps even a coin.. This solid hardwood box includes all of our standard wood finishes and foam inserts to hold your ring or coin (up ...

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BX-030301  Wood Coin Box, 3" x 3"x 1.5"
17.45 - 21.60 / Min. Qty: 12
The perfect genuine solid hardwood box for collectibles. While we call it the coin box, it can also be YOUR ring box, or any other small collectible box. The hinged lid with your laser engraved message and a padded ...

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BX-040402-HL-MH  Hinged Lid Box, 4.25" x 4.25" x 2"
21.30 - 24.60 / Min. Qty: 12
Store and display your most valuable items in this solid USA hardwood box and impress anyone with a taste for high quality. Choose from a number of wood finishes and flocked inserts which are included in the ...

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BX-060402-D2  Presentation Box, 6" x 4" x 2"
30.00 - 34.60 / Min. Qty: 12
Just slightly smaller than our 1433, this all natural, eco friendly USA made box is just the right size. Made out of solid hardwood and finished with any of our, 8 wood finishes, it's hard to not look impressive ...

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BX-080302  Wood Presentation Box, 8.5" x 3" x 2"
37.75 - 41.90 / Min. Qty: 12
This solid wood box is a work of art. You'll notice that there are no corners to split or go bad. The precision cut lid fits perfectly and works silently for years on the concealed brass hinges. Your name is presented ...

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BX-090504  Wood Sliding Lid Box
9.5 x 5.87 x 4.75
51.95 - 59.50 / Min. Qty: 25
This wooden box with a slide lid offers neat and quick access to your valuables. It is the perfect item as it offers organization as well as style to any desktop or home decor.

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BX-100303  Split Bottle Wine Box, 10.62 x 3.62 x 3.50"
21.65 - 25.95 / Min. Qty: 12
Looking for an affordable yet attractive way to display a split/half size bottle of wine? Look no further than this natural wood wine box. Price includes the natural clear finish only, but if you need a different ...

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BX-100502  Wood Presentation Box, 10.25" x 5.50" x 2.0"
69.40 - 84.35 / Min. Qty: 12
Here is a quality made box with a large capacity, yet still small enough to be classified as a desk box. The brass hinges provide smooth function without a sound. The box interior bottom comes with an inlaid flocking. ...

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BX-100504  Presentation Box with Latch, 10"x5.50"x4.88"
63.50 - 73.05 / Min. Qty: 6
Store and present your collectibles, awards, etc. in this beautiful brass latched pure hardwood presentation box! We offer custom cut velvet covered foam which can be added to the box for a first class presentation. ...

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BX-100904  Wood Jewelry Box, 10.5" x 9" x 4.25"
125.90 - 143.30 / Min. Qty: 6
This solid hardwood jewelry box will proudly present keepsakes and make your name look as good as your jewelry. Your logo, along with a padded velvet interior, and a beautiful brass hinge provides perfect function ...

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BX-140404  Sliding Lid Wine Box, 14.62" x 4.37" x 4.62"
78.85 - 90.75 / Min. Qty: 12
When the cheap pine or plywood wine boxes are not delivering the quality message you need, here is your wine box. Store your vintage wine and collectibles with this beautiful, USA made solid hardwood box. This ...

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BX-140805  2 Bottle Wood Wine Box, 14.25 x 8.50 x 5.375”
129.80 - 194.65 / Min. Qty: 3
This solid wood box is a work of art. Your name is presented in style. Includes all standard finishes, front latch and flocked 2 bottle foam insert; other colors are available at 50 pieces or more. Upgrade the ...

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CHS-40  Troubador S Click Pen
0.38 - 0.47 / Min. Qty: 300
Push button retractable ballpoint pen featuring nickel trim. Black ink refill. Price includes a one color screen print imprint on barrel.

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OX-103  Open X Box Cutter
4.70 - 5.30 / Min. Qty: 50
Innovative and award winning safe opening tool that opens almost anything: Blister packs, Boxes, CD's and DVD's, Shrink wrap just to name a few. Its spring loaded retractable blade and covered safety cutter makes ...

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500 Products - Pg: 6 of 34  See All
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